Five conclusions: Croatia 1-4 England

Posted by - September 11, 2008 - Conclusions, England

1. Before we make too much of a song and dance, let us remember that this was a victory against a side with 10 men. England should be beating side’s with fewer players.

2. Having said that, it was much a better result than I (or you – admit it) expected.

3. Theo Walcott is finally reaching his potential. It is not his fault he was called up by Sven Goran Eriksson before he was ready for international football. He is a fairly shy lad and he just lacked the confidence required at 17.

4. Talking of players making a re-emergence for England, Wayne Rooney where have you been? Fantastic to see Wazza pulling strings like he used to.

5. Robert Kovac deserved his red card and can have no complaints. Joe Cole’s head is the only evidence needed.

  • jboy3533

    Although winning is important, even if its against 10 men, what i was more pleased with was how England played. They had the Croatia on the back foot from the off and even after going a goal up they still pressed on for another.

  • Rob P

    True enough, jboy, as long as we keep in mind that we scored three of our goals after the sending off.