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Football video: Security guards beat-up fan, forget thousands of fellow supporters are watching

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  • ChrissMari

    dunno… too many white people for south america

    they mentioned benefica and trappatoni too but I dont know why haha

  • madne0

    This was back in the summer of 2004 when Benfica played some Swiss team in the pre-season. It was in Switzerland and the people invading the pitch are Portuguese immigrants. You can actually see Benfica and FC Porto fans together kicking the ass of those security guards! It’s lovely how violence seems to get even the bitterest of fans together.

  • nickynicknick

    You cant condone violence on the pitch of any sort, but how stupid were the security to have a go in front of a full house. Just asking for a reaction.
    It just goes to show how good most british policing is. Theres no substitute for good training.

  • Danish guy

    The security cuold just stop hidding the guy and that shot vuoldel happen

  • Ansaid

    It would be interesting to know details

  • VidaVidana

    Just a bold statement. Just in all its