Football videos: Top Five physio stretcher incidents

Posted by - September 13, 2008 - Football videos

1. Chivas USA keeper Zach Thornton is dropped
The most recent physio action, taken from last week’s MLS action. Thornton is not the smallest of blokes, but how weak are those stretcher bearers?

2. The two-footed physio lunge
Note to self: when player is injured do not lunge into him with a two-footed tackle.

3. The Chuckle Brothers
To me, to you…

4. The Rectum Inspector
“As I’m carrying you off the pitch, would you mind checking my piles out?”

5. Chinese Delivery
He’s falling boys! Run faster – it’s the only way to stop it!

  • jatin

    the rectum one is always funny.

    and yeh, the language is japanese in the 5th one 😛

  • Rob P

    Yeah, but the injured player is Chinese!

  • neil

    Has anybody seen the one where the physio pulls his hamstring while running on to attend the injured player? My personal favourite!

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