i-Ron-ic: Ronaldinho’s unintentionally self-depractating advert for Konica Minolta

Posted by - September 9, 2008 - Italy, Oddballs, South America

Sadly, this is the largest picture I could find of generic tubby Brazilian football v6.0, Ronaldinho, in his advert for Konica Minolta. But just to fill you in, the ad features Ron standing next to a series of questions which, given his recent lack of form, take on a life of their own. “Do you still believe that one skill is enough to win?” asks the first question. “Does cost efficiency mean going for the cheapest solution?” it continues. Well, yes in AC Milan’s case. Finally, their party animal endorser is given a bit of leeway as the gang at Konica as they decide that “Speed is important,” but not the decisive factor.

  • Jamie

    Ronaldinho? Who?

    It’ll be lucky if Milan make the top three this year, considering that their starting line up looks like a geriatric knitting club. At least they won’t get embarrassed in front of a full crowd.