Shit Lookalikes: Marseille away shirt and your dad’s Argyle golf sweater

Posted by - September 9, 2008 - Kitman, Lookalikes

Why did Marseille get a new away shirt? Cos they got a hole in one

We thought the only Argyle involved in football came from Plymouth, but Marseille have changed that this season. Their new away kit looks like the sort of top your dad or grandad might hit the golf course in. Or which your Next-obsessed aunt might buy for you this Christmas…

  • Jamie

    I, reckon its probably the most decent club kit from adidas this year. The rather generic kits that adidas produce, and the clubs agree too, make very little difference.

    This looks pretty good, too bad that the clubs don’t have any balls and ask adidas to do something different with their kits.

  • ChrissMari


    unfortunately i’m not spending 75 euro on a throw away shirt

  • nickynicknick

    Its only a matter of time until Burberry get one done for the chavs. Then they will look like classless tossers as well as acting like them.