Five Conclusions: Belarus 1-3 England

Posted by - October 16, 2008 - Conclusions, England, International

12 from 12 for Fabio’s boys

1. Wayne Rooney is Samson in reverse. His England goal drought is well and truly over. Keep that head bald and keep the goals coming, Wazza.

2. Steven Gerrard’s international career is not over. That talk was brought on by a distinct lack of football news this week, methinks. He wasn’t even dropped and he produced his best England performance for years, arguably since Munich (oops, I said the M word).

3. It is all very well to boo Ashley Cole when he makes the odd mistake (as we all do), but the fact that it would have been easier to cheer Wayne Bridge when he did something right should put things into perspective for the boo-boys.

4. Emile Heskey put in another excellent shift. He has come back into the England fold with a new lease of life. He may not be as technically adept as Peter Crouch, and his finishing is probably not as good either, but in terms of the balance of the side he does bring a lot. Despite his height, Crouch is never going to be the traditional British centre-forward that Rooney can thrive on.

5. Kazakhstan and Belarus are not the most menacing of oppositions, but two convincing wins is another step in the right direction under Fabio Capello.

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