Hard Tackle: Burnley’s Robbie Blake shows off his poker pants

Posted by - October 23, 2008 - Championship, Hard Tackle, Oddballs

Striker shows off his undies after scoring

Burnley forward Robbie Blake showed off a pair of personalised pants after scoring a midweek goal against Coventry. The striker had been given a pair of red undies with bearing the slogan ‘BAD BEAT BOB’ due to his dismal record in the Clarets’ poker sessions.

Blake said: “A bad beat is when you have a good poker hand that is a clear favourite to win but is beaten. When we play on the bus, I think I am miles ahead and it turns out the only card someone needs to beat me, they get!

“When Clarke Carlisle told me he’d got me a present and I had to wear them at Coventry, I said no problem. Then he turns up with these bright red slips with, ‘Bad Beat Bob’ on.”

He duly found the net and was only too happy to whip out his new present!