It’s official: no, Didier Drogba isn’t thinking about the game

Posted by - October 13, 2008 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Chelsea striker admits his mind wanders during the match

If you have ever watched Didier Drogba and thought his mind wasn’t really on the task in hand then you were spot on. The official spokesman for the Ivorian’s wandering mind confirmed that he regularly loses concentration during matches.

Drogba said: “It’s funny because there are some times in the game where you don’t touch the ball for a while and then you realise that the crowd is there, or they’re not reacting, or you notice something specific going on and focus on it.

“After that you have to come back into the game quick because this is how you lose your attention and sometimes you can miscontrol when the ball comes to you suddenly, or miss an opportunity,”

Drogba can thank himself lucky that the people treating his current knee injury probably have a better attention span and more professional approach to their work. And you can thank yourselves lucky that I have maintained focus on my job throughout this... I wonder which tracks I should put on my next rap album… Wow! Frank Lampard’s man boobs are really mesmerising… I miss Jose… sorry about that – throughout this post.

  • Bill

    How much does he get paid for that? But then I suppose …………….we all get distracted!