Ruud Gullit uncovers MLS conspiracy

Posted by - October 15, 2008 - MLS & US, Oddballs

The MLS Files

Ex-LA Galaxy coach Ruud Gullit has revealed that the evil geniuses behind Major League Soccer are deliberately keeping a lid on soccerball to avoid damaging true American sports. Comments made to Reuters about a Major League Soccer conspiracy have had some onlookers questioning the state of the former Dutch international’s mental health.

Gullit said: “David [Beckham, not Duchovny] is more than just a football player and I think he does extremely well to give football here a lift, but I doubt if they [MLS conspirators] really want that. I think they are afraid of football because it’s so popular everywhere around the world. I think they will just control it so it doesn’t become more popular than their American sports.

“They will never allow that. Some sports already have had a bit of a dive so they don’t want American football to become less popular, or basketball or baseball.”

The truth is out there. Perhaps Gullit could team-up with ex-Chelsea team-mate and David Duchovny lookalike Dan Petrescu and get to the bottom of this once and for all!

  • db

    Not to rain on your rant but he’s not totally off the mark. American Football and baseball are big business and they’ve have significant cuts put in by football. They do not like competition. They remove it when they can. The kids want to play footie but they are swiftly channeled into american football after a certain age.

  • Joe

    It is sort of strange how opportunities to play soccer in America drop off significantly right when a player hits their developmental peak. I wouldn’t neccesarily say it’s a conspiracy but the structure of American soccer funnels athletes in their late teens to other sports. Also, American soccer coaches are awful and only know how to coach one kind of player.

  • Baseball Conspiracy

    Off The Post off the post Ruud Gullit uncovers MLS conspiracy – great post, I think this covers most of the questions that I had about baseball conspiracy