Sent-off for accidentally punching a team-mate

Posted by - October 19, 2008 - League Two, Oddballs

Wycombe’s Chris Zebroski should count to 10 before taking revenge

There were crazy scenes in the Wycombe v Darlington match in League Two yesterday. With 15 minutes to play, Darlo’s Tim Ryan headbutted young Wycombe striker Chris Zebroski. The 21-year-old picked himself up intent on revenge, but punched team-mate Matt Harrold by mistake.

Ryan and Zebroski were both dismissed. The Wycombe striker does have a history of dust-ups with team-mates. Two years ago he was sacked by Plymouth Argyle after glassing captain Paul Wootton during a pre-season tour.

Video to follow if we can track it down…