Steve McClaren’s coaching methods continue to work wonders

Posted by - October 28, 2008 - Football videos

So that’s where Paul Robinson got the idea…

I didn’t wake up and decide it was National Pan Steve McClaren Day (surely every day is Pan Steve McClaren Day), but that is the way it has turned out. Thanks to Off The Post reader Koert for spotting this beauty. Fast-forward 4mins six seconds into this video of FC Twente’s victory over Vitesse Arnhem to see that McClaren’s goalkeepers are still brimming with confidence. Shades of Robbo in Croatia expect Sander Boshker gets away with it!

  • jason lee

    4th in the league, last 32 in the cup and group stage of the uefa-cup. Tell me what McClaren didn’t do, apart from knocking up my wife coz she is hideous?