David James drives to club in a Reliant Robin

Posted by - November 14, 2008 - Oddballs, Portsmouth

Pompey keeper punished for poor training

Portsmouth goalkeeper David James is bringing a touch of retro chic to the club’s training ground after being forced to drive a Reliant Robin. The England international was handed the keys to the old banger after being voted the club’s worst trainer.

Jamo might not be the car’s owner for too long though. Every day Pompey’s players will pick out the worst performance in training and give their below par team-mate the dubious honour of taking the clapped out motor home!

As if the car itself was not embarrassing enough, the players have attached a loudspeaker which plays farmyard animal noises to the car.

  • ChrissMari

    i love that he can’t open it from the inside

  • http://www.conversion-vans.net/ Van Guy

    That is a wicked spoiler. Helps keep the backend down when traveling at high speed, say 15-20 mph?