‘Do Are Ya? Rio Ferdinand is Wayne Rooney’s barber!

Posted by - November 3, 2008 - 'Do Are Ya?, Manchester United

Man Yoo team-mate shaved Wazza’s head

Rio Ferdinand has been outed as the man responsible for Wayne Rooney’s drastic haircut. Rooney reportedly gave his Manchester United and England team-mate the go-ahead to take the clippers to his hair after getting fed-up with jibes about his receding hairline.

A ‘United source’ told The Sun: “Wayne was fed up with all the mickey taking he was getting. He’s sensitive about losing his hair – just like any lad of his age. But he decided to get rid of the lot, handed Rio the clippers and basically said, ‘Do your worst!’ Rio’s a bit of a dab-hand with hair cuts and it only took him a few minutes.