Fabio Capello bans England squad from ketchup and chips

Posted by - November 13, 2008 - England, Oddballs

A sauce close to the England squad is now out-of-bounds

When during the latest England scandal, The Sun inevitably digs out a quote from “a source close to the England squad” we often wondered whether this was the squad’s favoured tomato sauce doing the dirty on them. But from now on we cannot blame the ketchup because it has been BANNED by Fabio Capello!

Don Fabio has also warned his players off chips as he bids for World Cup success. Capello told The Sun: “For example, I impressed upon them the advantages of a Mediterranean diet over ketchup and chips.”

Any players wishing to find a loophole in this argument (I’m looking at you Rooney) might consider ordering the suitably Mediterranean Spanish dish patatas bravas. That would be deep fried potatoes covered in a tomato sauce!