Football video: Barnsley’s Iain Hume fractures skull against Sheffield United

Posted by - November 11, 2008 - Championship, Football videos

Tykes consider legal action over incident

Sheffield United could do with a season ticket at the courts right now. With Tevezcherano still bubbling away somewhere, the club is now been threatened with some legal action of their own. Barnsley is considering legal action against Blades defender Chris Morgan after a clash which left Iain Hume in hospital with a fractured skull.

Tykes manager Simon Davey said: “The club may be seeking legal advice on the matter. We’ve ended up with a life-threatening injury and a player in a hospital bed.”

Apologies for the quality of the video above, which was seemingly recorded on the world’s smallest TV by someone desperate to show off the fact that they own the world’s smallest TV!

  • Aidan

    Ban Morgan for 10 games. He threw a deliberate elbow long before the ball even arrived. Complete and utter c*nt that he is.

  • mary

    i seem to remember a simular incident 2 years ago the lad ended up in prison. think same should happen here its a disgusting tackle

  • Tom

    As a neutral fan (Southend) I hope he gets banned for life for that. Do it in a street and he’s looking at a prison sentence.

  • Chris Morgan!

    joke he just needsto be banned for 10 games and a fine like the person says at the first comment!!

  • Kevin

    Drag Sheff utd through the courts thats what “fair minded” McCabe would do if the boot was on the other foot !

  • aleksander123

    Nothing wrong with that challenge, keeps his eye on the ball the whole way. Terrible consequences, obviously, but it was an accident.

  • mary

    how can it be an accident when he clobbers hume 1 to 2 seconds before he headed the ball.he knew exactley where he was and what he was doing.cheating filthy scum

  • DianeB

    Clearly you can see that he takes Iain out way before the ball is headed away, so no his eyes were not just on the ball. He also takes aim to carefully strike his apponent so he could have a clear path for him to head the ball. My son is the same age as Iain and played the sport for the same number of yrs. This player clearly had the intention to injure his opponent – he goes into head the ball with one arm pointing forward and the other clearly bent to lay a powerful blow at his opponet’s head. You would not raise your elbow unless there was intent!!!!

  • mary

    well said diane b.all these people who are saying it was an accident need to re watch the video. he meant it. he probally didnt mean for it to do this amount of damage but he should have thought about that before he jumps for the ball.

  • ray

    It was deliverate and clever. He planted his feet first and raised his elbow and just as Hume arrived he fired his elbow and body weight into Humes head and let Humes momentum do the rest. If you played the game then you’d see that it was intentional. He set himself to do it. Disgraceful

  • Rick

    He needs to be made an example of. Is the FA gonna wait til someone is killed? From what I’ve read Hume was lucky he didn’t die

  • mary

    just like to say i carnt believe the FA arent taking any further action, they say it was the correct desision been yellow.????? how????? humey is back in hospital with an infection and general feeling unwell. how can they not punish him. i think now is the time for iain to press charges against him. best wishes to iain

  • Anonymous

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