Football video: Cristiano Ronaldo sent-off for silly handball against Manchester City

Posted by - November 30, 2008 - Football videos, Manchester City, Manchester United

C-Ron drops a clanger

What was he thinking? It is not like he handled the ball to gain a goalscoring advantage – he just patted it down. Was he protecting his pretty face? Whatever his reasons, it was a completely idiotic way to pick up a second yellow card.

It seems Manchester City are not his favourite opposition. The Portuguese winger was also sent-off in the Manchester derby in January 2006. On that occasion he was given a straight red for a lunge on Andy Cole.

Video spotted on 101GreatGoals

  • Joe

    I am about as far as you can get from a Ronaldo fan but it looks like for whatever reason he didn’t track the ball and he put up his hand to protect his face. I don’t see what sort of advantage he could have taken, so maybe the sending off is harsh.

  • AL

    He clearly misjudged that jump and put his hands up to prevent the ball from smacking him straight in the snout. A real SOFT-C**K move to pull in a great derby

  • jason harding

    Ronaldo handled the ball to deliberately get sent off, frustrate Ferguson and engineer his departure to Real Madrid.

  • Mic

    Jason is an idiot as is Al, he put his hand up ‘cuz he heard a whistle which he thought was the refs, sound analysis found out that there was one, look at his position, he could’ve easily headed it in, the ref was a complete idiot and if City weren’t shite it could’ve cost us.

  • Usama

    Mic is a complete idiot, the “us” at the end proved it all. You wouldn’t recognize a joke if it was dancing naked under your nose, would you? I believe that was the intent and purpose of jason’s comment.