Football video: German referee invents the simultaneous booking

Posted by - November 25, 2008 - Football videos, Germany, Oddballs

Prat tries to make name for himself – was possibly bullied at school

Everyone knows how multiple bookings work in football. Sometimes a scuffle or incident needs to be resolved with more than one player being carded, so the referee shows the card to each player he needs to book. Until now that is.

With all the undiluted racial stereotyping of a Daily Mail editorial, German referee Thomas Metzen decided to come up with a more efficient system. Shame one of them wasn’t a second bookable offence to really put a dampener on his routine (which had clearly been carefully rehearsed in the bathroom mirror!).

Spotted on 101GreatGoals

  • Joe

    Ohhh referees take enough abuse off the spoiled millionaires and fans…let him have his moment of fun!

  • KJM

    german efficiency…yikes