Football video: Greek penalty area punch – Pablo Garcia on Diogo

Posted by - November 18, 2008 - Football videos

More unorthodox tactics

Defending a free-kick which is likely to be crossed: pick up your man, stay goal-side, punch him in the stomach at the moment of delivery. Simple as that really – danger averted. Just ask PAOK’s Pablo Garcia who quells the threat posed by Olympiakos’ Diogo with one blow.

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  • Paokara

    diogo deserved that punch…the ref didn’t make a call because he thought that diogo was faking again….btw its PAOK not poak

    PAOK OLE!!!!

  • Gotte

    After seeing the match, I say that referee saw clearly what happened but he did not eject Garcia, allowing PAOK to continue the game with 11 players. Garcia (personal opponent of Diogo in game) tackled him very rough from the 1st minute of the match. 4 minutes before the end and after all these dirty tackles, Diogo scored the 2nd goal of Olympiakos and by giving Garcia a big smile, he made him hog-wild. Finally, 3 minutes later Garcia ejected after another dirty hit (kick this time) on Diogo’s teammate, Belluchi. Garcia is a well-known dirty player in his career. He might play in the best European leagues but since many times he acts like a psycho he never managed to stay for long time in a team. Probably, because there is not a team in Italian or Spanish league that needs a player like Garcia, that’s why he transferred to a medium team of Greek league.