Football video: Is crying Bojan Krkic football’s Macaulay Culkin?

Posted by - November 25, 2008 - Football videos, Lookalikes

Barca’s former child star loses the plot

Everyone had heard the name Bojan Krkic before they had ever seen him play football. You wouldn’t have been able to pick him out of an identity parade but you knew that in a few years he was going to be the next big thing of the Camp Nou production line.

It is certainly not fair to say that he has not reached his potential (the kid is still only 18), but signs are beginning to emerge that Bojan’s child star status is beginning to take its toll. It is not unusual for young prodigies to go off the rails for a variety of reasons – for instance, Macaulay Culkin disappeared into oblivion when he realised being the kid from Home Alone wasn’t going to earn him any credibility as a teenager. In Bojan’s case, it seems to be the thought that his coach thinks that old French guy who was good a while back at Arsenal is more likely to score a goal. The youngster is reduced to tears by the episode.

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Video spotted on 101GreatGoals