Football video: Robin Van Persie’s cheeky disallowed goal against Manchester City

Posted by - November 24, 2008 - Arsenal, Football videos, Manchester City

Wily Dutchman scuppered by Alan Wiley

Should this have counted? I don’t think it breaks any of the laws of the game (ungentlemanly conduct, I suppose), but I think Alan Wiley was correct to rule it out. You don’t want to have a situation where the goalkeeper restarting play is the most tense moment of the match as 10 6ft 5in ringers crowd around him to block the clearance. In that universe Stoke would be Champions League winners!

  • Lupek

    no, actually, it is against the rules of the game. don’t have the time to find it now, but I remember players are not allowed to interfere with the keeper when he plays the ball back into the game. the ball is also in his posession when he bounces it off the ground or releases to hoof away. it’s not illegal when it’s put up in the air and bounces off the ground.

  • Joe

    Why does it seem that Arsenal always pull this sort of crap. I remember Henry doing almost the very same thing. It’s cheap and dirty and NOT CREATIVE AT ALL!!! And there’s a good chance of injuring the goalkeeper when he swings through at nothing.

  • RedDevil

    I’m a hardcore United fan, but I think that goal should’ve stood, simply because if a goalie is fool enough to let that happen to him, he deserves to concede a goal.

  • Ron

    Thought it was brilliant, but wouldn’t have been pleased if it was against my team. So good decision.

  • Jack

    Whether or not it should count, surely players know by now that the referee isn’t going to give it.