Football video: Scott Carson’s second howler for England gives Germany goal

Posted by - November 19, 2008 - England, Football videos

England keeper is serial cock-up artistYou have to feel a bit sorry for Scott Carson. He is a very good keeper, but he does seem to be a bit cursed when he dons the England jersey. He kept up his 100 per cent blunder record with a disastrous role in Germany’s goal. The blame must be shared with our glorious captain Sir John Terry though. The senior head in England’s team was for some reason more interested in bumping his backside against the German striker behind him rather than getting on with more important thing like, oh I don’t know, CLEARING THE BALL!

Remind yourself of Carson’s first England blunder after the jump…

  • Joe

    Ehhhh a blunder to be sure but 1-0 up Terry should be thinking safety first and put that ball in the seats. Unless Carson called Terry off that’s JT’s ball to deal with.

  • Rob Parker


    As I said in the post, JT should be taking responsibility once he saw Carson dithering but first and foremost you want your international goalie to be shouting “Keeper’s” and clearing those up all day long.

  • PTP

    Due to his last performance you have to expect people to be giving him the blame for this but I have to say, anyone who watched it and has a clue can surely see that that ball is not to be collected by the keeper, JT should have known that. For me the blame rests solely with JT, with a man coming in and the ball that close to the edge of the area JT shouldn’t be worrying about calls from the keeper he should get it out. He didn’t, his fault, get better at your job. The only reason Carson is getting any blame of you lot is because of the Croatia game, if that hadn’t happened, you’d have no link to make and you would have written, correctly, that JT fcucked it up.

  • Ron

    I actually thought Terry was going to pick it up! Don’t play the goalie Terry’s the one with the experience and the captaincy.

  • Ron

    Sorry should have said ‘don’t blame the goalie’