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Football video: Villarreal’s Joan Capdevila sent-off for nothing foul on Cristiano Ronaldo

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  • Chris

    Never a red. Not exactly a surprising decision, mind.

  • JustBecauseItsCristiano

    U’re either blind, biased or have never played football at all. The rules clearly states that a reackless tackle merits a red card. And if you say that tackle was not reckless then I do not know what is. The ball was at CR’s feet, not bouncing waist high. Cap lunged with his leg parallel to the field, thus catching CR on the thighs. There was not intent to play the ball. And if you’re as fast as CR, getting tackle while in full flight, an impact like that could put you out of the game for 3-4 months.

  • Anon

    I support the red card decision. This is definitely not the way to stop a player. No intention to play the ball at all as he clearly aimed his tackle at the knee when the ball was on the ground.

    That being said, I can see why Ronaldo gets such tackles and people still can cheer it. Even in this tackle he was play acting and exaggerating the pain until the referee gave the red, and then he miraculously recovered.

  • KJM

    The challenge was miles late and up at the KNEE…if it was against cristiano ronaldo or not, it is certainly a red card and ronaldo is lucky that capdevila didn’t really catch him with the tackle

  • RedDevil

    Like KJM said, Capdevila went in studs up on his KNEE! They even showed a nasty purple bruise left on Ronaldo’s knew after the challenge.

  • bfell

    please… thats a definite red card. I personally cant stand ronaldo and he definitely does milk a lot of challenges, but if you dont think thats a sending off then you obviously need to get back to have a read of your laws of the game!

    If that tackles was on messi or fabregas or just about anyone else, i dont think there would be much complaints…

    the whole whinging bout ronaldo thing is getting quite tiring actually… just enjoy what he does, and get on with it. So many people want to feel like their opinion on C Ronaldo matters and that they stand for the good of the game by abusin him…

  • K.I.

    I’m a Villarreal fan.. and I hate to say it but Joan deserved to be sent off.. shame on him for the challenge.

  • Per

    Exactly what Anon said.