Ian Wright is Ian Wrong over Didier Drogba incident

Posted by - November 14, 2008 - Chelsea, Ranting and Raving

Ex-Arsenal striker has the arguing skills of a six-year old

Award-winning journalist Ian Wright has used his column in The Sun to spring to the defence of Chelsea coin-thrower Didier Drogba. The former England international claims: “Didier Drogba could have been blinded or even killed by the Burnley morons who pelted him with coins the other night. So what action will be taken against those scumbags who are probably sitting down the pub right now bragging about it to their mates?”

That’s fantastic, Ian. Yes, we realise that, but we have continued the thought process a bit further and reached the stage where we are able to conclude that an innocent Burnley fan “could have been blinded or even killed” by the Chelsea moron who pelted them with a coin the other night.

Hope you get there soon, Wrighty. Should make for an excellent column some time next week.

  • Terry

    Your blog is shit, Wrighty is a legend, and you’re just jealous.

    I think you need to shut the fuck up, his column that you hate so much pisses all over yours.

    Get shit on.