Ipswich midfielder David Norris in hot water over handcuff gesture

Posted by - November 10, 2008 - Championship

Tractor Boy makes gesture to jailed Luke McCormick

Ipswich Town’s David Norris has found himself in trouble with the club after celebrating his goal against Blackpool with an alleged handcuff gesture. The celebration was reported to be a message to former Plymouth Argyle team-mate Luke McCormick who was jailed for causing the deaths of two children while driving from Norris’ wedding drunk.

Norris acknowledged he was making a signal to McCormick but denied it was a handcuff gesture. He said: “It wasn’t a handcuffs sign it was a private message but I can see how people might have seen it like that and I apologise if it’s caused any offence. Luke is a friend of mine. He made a massive mistake and is paying for that.”

It doesn’t seem that his club will be seeing it that way. An Ipswich spokesman said: “We will be taking action. Norris has landed himself in trouble with this.”

  • Brian

    It is about time some people realise they are not above the law. Ok so he is paying the price. What price can you put on two young lives and a man left severely injured. I hope Norris’ celebration had nothing to do with that.

  • jay donnan

    its a sick joke , footballers are not above the law these kids are dead and hes making signals to the man behind bars that killed them !!!!!!!!! i think the money has gone to there brains !! most profesional footballers are egotistical scumbags with no morals or little regard to the law , pay cut them all and clean football up now!!!

  • Phil K

    Yet another arrogant overpaid peabrained footballer who has contempt for others.
    Sack him and let him show support for a murderer from the dole queue.

  • Jill

    I heard an interveiw with the mother and wheel-chair bound father. What brave people they are, how can anyone come to terms with such a tragedy? David Norris is making light of it. Most of the listeners who contacted the programe expressed disgust for McCormick and Norris, and some suggested that action should be taken against Norris. Here here!