The man behind Heurelho Gomes’ string of clangers gets the chop

Posted by - November 20, 2008 - Tottenham

No, not Gomes himself – the other man behind his mistakes

Yesterday, our friends at The Spoiler were mulling over the Premier League’s top scapegoats. As if by way of response (perhaps they were unhappy at no longer being the butt of quite so many jokes) Tottenham today ‘parted company’ with goalkeeping coach Hans Leitert.

The Austrian stands accused of corrupting a Premier League goalkeeper: dismantling Heurelho Gomes’ once perfect game and systematically rebuilding it with fundamental goalkeeping flaws. Since August. Hmm, I smell a scapegoat.

And if you would like to take a dose of irony with that, check out Leitert’s website The Art of Goalkeeping. The site – not yet updated with Hans’ new employment status – features a page of quotes from “the masters”. I will leave you with this particularly apt one from Alex Welsh: “Dealing with the high cross is the yardstick by which top goal keepers are measured.”