Top five predictable features of Diego Maradona’s debut as Argentina manager

Posted by - November 20, 2008 - International, Scotland

Things you could have put money on from Diego’s bow

1. Argentina beat Scotland.

2. Diego gets told off for touching the white line (although this time by a linesman not a court of law).

3. Diego reveals he nearly walked out part way through the week (albeit to see his pregnant daughter rather than due to a prima(ara)dona tantrum).

4. Argentina’s players come out with gushing quotes about how Diego inspired them to victory (despite the fact Madonna could have given them the tactical nous required to see of Scotland).

5. Diego indulges in some emotional Latin pick-me-ups, like hugging each of his players as they came off the pitch. I can’t really imagine Fabio Capello getting touchy feely with too many of the England players post-match. Think of the sweat on the suit for starters…