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10 of Sir Alex Ferguson’s management proteges

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  • James

    Why such a low score for Keane? He’s practically level with Ince, but Ince gets more points.

    I’m not claiming biased opinions, I just was curious as to why.


  • Rob Parker

    Well, it’s not an exact science, James, but mainly because he spent £70 million building the squad he wanted and it backfired.

    Also, Ince has had very little time in his new job (albeit he’s not doing too well).

    And just a personal hunch that Keane isn’t mentally cut out for management.

  • James

    Good point 😀

    But it’s not like he had a whole 70 mil at one time, it was a little over periods of time.

    But yeah thats a shitload of money

  • Joe

    I think Keane should get some credit for taking Sunderland from shit place in the championship to first and then keeping them up last term. Remember this was his first job! I admit this walkout looks bad and I am left shaking my head, but I’d say a 5/10 would have been fair.

  • dannyf

    i just clicked through on this from where you posted on!

    nice! although i think mark hughes, whilst a success in the past, needs to be brought down to at maximum an 8. i dont mean to seem semantical, but he hasnt been a success at man city…yet!

  • Rob Parker

    Joe > If he had been sacked on the basis of Sunderland’s recent departure then I’d have been tempted to rate him a little higher, but the manner of his exit undermines the good work for me.

    DannyF > Cheers! Perhaps Hughes’ 9 is a touch generous, but his track record so far puts him high up in the rankings of Fergie’s boys.

  • laws and liberty

    I was thinking the same. Occasionally I simply don’t comprehend how people can think you’re incorrect.