Football Lookalikes: Marouane Fellaini and Colonel Gaddafi

Posted by - December 1, 2008 - Everton, Lookalikes

Everton’s midfield general is a midfield colonel

What is the correct slang term for the north African equivalent of the Wafro? An Arafro? Nevermind, these pair are both rocking the look, whatever it is called.

  • Daniel LaCourse

    Pertinent For the Cocktail Circuit :

    (1) A proper fate for several dictators : One
    could stretch-out the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao
    Tse-Tung, cross-dressing GADHAFI (who, decades
    ago, would retire to a tent in the desert dressed
    as an Libyan woman), … into full-size, clear
    plastic cases (who’d been displayed in half-size
    such), set ’em on the edge of a bowling alley
    (still super frozen); charge big bucks. Whoever
    would bowl one of ’em over will have toppled a

    (2) A devil could stoke the coals under a
    ‘heller’ deep within in hell, causing him to
    rush at his stoker. That stoker could also have
    become proficient with a (Japanese) sword at
    slicing an opponent vertically in two, using a
    sword exuding a bio-degrading sealant along its
    trailing edge.
    Another devil could slam the two halves back
    together, the heller having rushed past both
    sides of his stoker to no effect.
    Being of two minds about what had just happened
    to him for a while, that heller … (???).

    (3) Still, some (street smart) dictators could
    get a day off, per millennium, in hell. They
    could get together to “talk shop”.
    Hitler and Eva Braun got married at the end
    because, they said, ‘what would the world think
    of them, otherwise’.
    Stalin, the pock-marked son of a drunken
    cobbler, armed bank robber, held much of the
    world in terror of the clenched fist of his
    withered left arm (like Kaiser Wilhelm). His
    second wife committed suicide upon finding out
    that her husband was also her father (had had
    an affair …). You’d be disappointed in his
    monster-hood were this not so.
    Like Stalin, Marilyn Monroe had twelve toes.

    Lenin (so viscous that he so unnerved Bertran
    Russell that he couldn’t function for two days
    after meeting him at the London Library),
    John D. Rockefeller I (vilest thing on two
    legs), super-nasty and warped Henry Ford, would
    NOT have been hired by the organizations they’d
    founded. Mao Tse-Tung, a sycophant and phony
    hero from day one, was a real betrayer of men
    and mass-murderer. In his early years, he
    couldn’t be bothered to effect an easy rescue
    of a woman who’d borne him three-four children.
    In his later years, he indulged himself in
    underage girls. China is even more corrupt now.

    Public relations types do much to enhance the
    images of public figures (most organizations).

    (4) Economic opportunity awaits : As oil wraps
    around (especially southern) ‘Flo dah’, 2010,
    aggravated by storms, form a company with the
    logo “FF FFF” !!,
    i.e., “Floor Flushing for Floor Flushers !!”.
    BP had p.r.’s arrange politics in south-eastern
    states to tie-up funds approved for scientists
    investigating the Gulf-oil-gusher’s effects.

    (5) Have public morals declined so much that upon
    another stock market crash, no-one will have been
    found, afterward, to have jumped off a tall
    building of his own accord (as in October 1929) ?

    (6) Since most homeowners have property insurance
    (until they try to collect), were ever ‘al Qaida’
    and the ‘anti-christ’ to clash overhead and then
    crash into some unforgiving heap, they’d be
    covered, maybe. It’s just that there’d be no
    ‘prophet’ (profit) in it.

    (7) First there was the ‘uni bomber’, then the
    ‘shoe bomber’, and now the ‘underwear bomber’,
    which last is a true ‘terror ass’.
    In first several decades of the last century,
    two thirds of psychotics in ‘Anglo-America’
    came out of Fundamentalist Protestant and
    Devout Catholic homes : likewise for other
    fundamentalisms elsewhere in the world.


    (8a) One risque … : What with those two buxom
    babes having run for govern-nator in 2003,
    splitting the porn vote, Why if Mike Tyson had
    entered that circus, he could have waged a “boob
    biting” campaign.

    (8b) Doesn’t “W” remind you of MAD MAGAZINE’s
    most famous character, you know, “WHAT, ME
    WORRY” ??. Though I’ven’t read this in decades,
    I’m reminded.
    Knowing that some of the media would have
    interviewed anyone knowledgeable about “W”_’s
    air-guard service, and his other early history,
    some PR dis-information group decided to bait
    CBS with a document whose falseness would then
    color the veracity of any real adverse oral
    history. Ivy-league universities have long
    realized the value of tutoring the scions of
    the posh and powerful through their schools.
    ‘W’ was smart enough to have earned a degree in
    some busy-work major, but, evidently, not
    motivated enough.

    (8c) When RONALD RAYGUN was governor, there were
    eight or nine important issues to be acted on.
    His administration acted on one, the
    legislators took another away from him, and the
    others ? Lying public relations to the
    contrary, Ron was into early senility by the
    mid 1970’s because of his life as a b-grade
    actor. But, he’d learnt to obey his handlers.
    Only the FDIC ‘averted’ a depression in the
    Had Ron not been bereft of his tail (human
    fetuses have tails during early gestation),
    he’d’ve garnered even more votes — especially
    from the KKK, ….
    | THE D-DAY CELEBRATIONS –> re-publican aura
    | –> more votes.
    | Also, see “Variety”, ‘No Method To His
    | Madness’, April 1986?

    (8d) Newt Gangrene (aka Newt Gingrich) : A Newt
    is a fat-tailed salamander — what ain’t nuttin
    but a smooth-skinned lizard. All jokes : my own.

    (8e) The acerbic Bob Dole could have been
    elected in ’96 had there been a CIA type to have
    arranged for him to have been a hostage of Saddam
    Huesein for some weeks or months or …
    ( <– Manipulated Iranian Hostage circus).

    (8f) Then there is, and was, 'Slick Willi'.

    (8g) However and whoever was drunk while the car
    Ted Kennedy was driving (without a valid drivers
    license ?) when they careened off that bridge
    at Chappaquiddick, I 'heeerd' from an LPN in Ann
    Arbor ('liquid propane nurse') that the most
    pressing reason for Kennedy's delay in reporting
    that accident was that his six-month-old fetus
    had to be gotten out of Mary Jo Kopechne before
    putting her back-into the car. Otherwise, the
    resulting negative publicity would have squelched
    the political futures of that whole 'klan'. As no
    detailed lying-excuse would have withstood all
    the expected scrutiny, none was proffered.
    And so, when Jacqueline died in the spring of
    1995, I was thinking, sometimes out loud, that
    'they' no doubt had to watch 'Chap-a-Quick-Dick'
    around her bier after visiting hours.
    Still, he's done yeoman work for liberal causes
    over the years — even if he'd sabotaged
    universal health care during the Jimmy Carter
    Only Truman, Nixon, and Carter_(so honest that
    Congress, including Ted Kennedy, got rid of him)
    had no extra-martial affairs during their lives.

    Anony mouse.