Football Mysteries: The Britannia Stadium’s missing corners

Posted by - December 12, 2008 - Stoke City

Unusual method of restricting your gate revenue

When the Britannia Stadium was first built, Stoke City were knocking around the old Division One relegation zone and at one stage even had Chris Kamara in charge (and I’m still not convinced he should be left in charge of a microphone let alone a football club). A few of seasons later they were relegated to Division Two and the attendance figures meant there was more people on the pitch than in the stands (well, nearly).

For these reasons, I can understand why the club hedged its bets when building the Britannia Stadium. There was no danger of there being a rush for the 28,000 seats at that stage. But now I have to ask myself, at what level would they need to be playing at before they decide to put corners in that place? You cannot get promoted much higher than the Premier League – now is the time. Unless, of course, the wind blowing through is the secret to Rory Delap’s throws.