Football video: Argentine player kills pigeon

Posted by - December 19, 2008 - Football videos, Oddballs, South America

Gaston Aguirre latest player to attack feathered friend

San Lorenzo defender Gaston Aguirre will forever have the stain of pigeon blood on his conscience after killing a bird during a recent match. The Argentinian’s shot connected with the bird, who sadly didn’t have the quick reactions of his mates, killing it instantly.

The poor little blighter didn’t exactly get a big send-off. Scooped up by the referee, dumped off the pitch and play continued. At least Aguirre was in reflective mood. He said: “I kicked the ball and, poor pigeon. Now I will be remembered as the pigeon killer.”

This reminds us of the time Evil Lucas Neill tried to wipe out a bird.

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