Football video: The streaker is alive and well in non-league football

Posted by - December 9, 2008 - Football videos, Oddballs

OK, I’m ready to be arrested now

This happy chappie streaker had obviously done his research before taking the plunge at the York City v Grays match at the weekend. Using a simple formula, he had worked out that t (where t is the temperature in Yorkshire in December) x s (where s is the level of security at a Blue Square Premier League match) equalled the need for a sock to hide his modesty.

Sadly even he had underestimated the security levels. Despite a jolly skip around the pitch and building a good rapport with the crowd, by the end of the video he is running out of ideas and there is still not a steward to be seen. Commiserations to York City defender – and possible Off The Post fan – Daniel Parslow who had half-a-mind to tackle the exhibitionist himself (33secs) before probably remembering this!

Spotted on The Spoiler