Football video: The Wayne Rooney Aalborg stamp incident

Posted by - December 11, 2008 - Champions League, Football videos, Manchester United

And not a winker in sight

This is the alleged stamp on Aalborg’s Kasper Risgard which could land Wayne Rooney in trouble with Uefa. The video also features a little compilation of Wazza’s other misdemeanours throughout the match, plus his neatly taken goal.

Video spotted on The Offside

  • Joe

    I’m not sure if the first stamp is deliberate but the second one, the one I don’t think is the one in question, certainly seems to be. Rooney has always been dirty and always will be.

  • Jahed Choudhury

    I think all the stamps are on porpuse, he did it to ricardo carvalho, and he did it again. If he gets frustrated then play to get over that, but he needs to realise that he is not untouchable.

  • Cristobal Tejardin

    Go Rooney! Stamp that fackin Wanka! Best Futbolista in history! Rooney For Presidente! OLE OLE OLE OLE