Football videos: Dean Windass’ defends the Rory Delap throw (as a substitute)

Posted by - December 1, 2008 - Football videos, Hull City, Stoke City

Fat man stretches in front of man with long arms

Hull City substitute Dean Windass did his best to thwart the now infamous Rory Delap long-throw by doing his warm-up in front of Stoke’s not-so-secret weapon. The veteran did a few stretches in front of Delap before being ushered out of the way by the referee. He then did his best Peter Kay dad run to try to get in Delap’s way as he threw the ball.

It didn’t seem to work though. Perhaps he should have done a full rhythmic gymnastics routine in a lycra leotard. That would have put Delap off his dinner, never mind the throw-in. Super-sub Windass was booked for a similar effort later in the match.

Spotted on 101GreatGoals