Kitman: Everton’s Steven Pienaar celebrates in ‘God Is Great’ vest

Posted by - December 1, 2008 - Everton, Kitman

Have yourself a holy yellow card

Steven Pienaar showed that he shares Kaka’s religious views if not quite his footballing prowess by celebrating his winning goal against Tottenham yesterday in a ‘God Is Great’ vest. Kaka famously celebrated winning the Champions League in an ‘I Belong To Jesus’ t-shirt.

We are making the big assumption that Pienaar wasn’t simply trying to impress the Evertonians and it did not say ‘But Big Dunc Is The Greatest’ on the back! We can also assume that God is sponsored by Umbro, God is now commissioning the Everton kitman to spread the word, and that Steve Bennett is going straight to hell for persecuting Pienaar with a yellow card!

  • Phil

    Might little steven have the audacity to suggest that showing love to the creator of the universe is more important than avoiding a yellow card? some people have got their priorities all wrong…

  • Nicole

    Steven Pienaar has a “GOD GIVEN TALENT” and that he os using it in a way that no man can explain.

    Steven Pienaar “ROCKS”

  • ovidiu

    God bless you pienarr!!!!!!!!!!!!