Kitman: West Ham find betting firm to sponsor them (including gambling addict Matthew Etherington)

Posted by - December 4, 2008 - Kitman, West Ham

Hammers winger forced to promote his own addiction

In these cut-thrust times of economic uncertainty, a Premier League club without a sponsor cannot afford to let little things like irony stand in the way of a decent pay-day. That is why the club has not let the fact that winger Matthew Etherington has a gambling addiction stop them signing a new sponsorship deal with online bookmakers SBOBET.

Etherington last year attended the Sporting Chance clinic to address his gambling problem after reportedly running up debts of £800,000 (roughly half the amount the Hammers are rumoured to have received from the new deal). The club itself gained a reputation for dangerous gambling when former goalkeeper Roy Carroll also had to attend rehab for his addiction during his time at the club and rumours of the players’ big-money card schools emerged.

The “lucrative deal” with SBOBET lasts until the end of next season. The club has also promised to swap all shirts featuring the logo of bust holiday company for the updated shirt free of charge. No point in us trying to sponsor the Hammers then!

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