Merry Christmas, Off The Post readers

Posted by - December 24, 2008 - Site

A quick message to wish all of our readers a very Happy Christmas. Posts will be sporadic at best for the next week or so due to me stuffing my face with turkey and having the excuse of a ridiculously slow internet connection (I started writing this post about two weeks ago) at the minute.

We will resume full service in the New Year (there will be posts before then), hopefully bigger and better. We have our new design pencilled in for early next year (don’t forget to have your say on the new header) and will continue to ply you with football’s funniest stories, videos and photos.

In order to do that, we do need money sadly. So please do continue to click our adverts and support our sponsors (that’s the guys over on the right and on our sponsors page). You could even sponsor us yourselves by making a bid in our silent auction for naming rights on the Sidebar Stadium!

Above all, thanks for your support over the past few months and have a great Christmas.