Roy Keane quit Sunderland by text message

Posted by - December 5, 2008 - Oddballs, Sunderland

Keano was the Premier League’s SMS manager

Several newspapers are today reporting that Roy Keane quit his post as Sunderland manager by text message. The picture being painted of the ex-Manchester United skipper this morning is of a very unsettled, reclusive figure who frequently missed training sessions and could only be contacted by text message.

For someone with a reputation for a strict disciplinarian who dropped players for arriving to training late, it seems strange to hear that he regularly skipped training sessions himself. His resignation allegedly came in the form of a text message to chairman Niall Quinn, followed later by a fax from his solicitor.

Quinn said: “Roy is his harshest critic and he felt he’d completed his journey here. We spent three days trying hard to find a solution but he didn’t want to come unstuck any further and us find ourselves in deeper, darker territory.”

It all sounds very sinister…

  • tippo

    Not really surprised by that but if he wants to be a successful manager that surely has to change.

  • benhameen

    I dont believe that for one minute, I think he seems like a pretty honest bloke. His winning mentality was causing him to much stress I think that could have been the problem! I was shocked to see him go.