The Premier League won’t let us sponsor West Brom. Boo!

Posted by - December 3, 2008 - Kitman, Premier League, West Brom

Poor old Baggies destined to spend all eternity with plain shirts

Watching West Brom play (and frequently lose) week-in week-out without a sponsor had got us feeling a bit down. The Baggies are propping up the rest of the Premier League table and they can’t even find someone willing to sponsor their shirt while they do it.

Off The Post took pity on West Brom and offered to sponsor them. Sadly our resources don’t stretch to a million-pound contract for the season, but we thought we could help them out with a one or two-match deal and save them the indignity of spending the whole season without shirt sponsorship. The Premier League had other ideas though!

Apparently our brief sponsorship deal is not to the liking of the footballing authorities. Mark Firth, head of venue sales and hospitality at West Brom, said: “After further investigating the possibilities with regard to your enquiry with the Premier League and other associated agencies we would not be able to offer the shirt sponsorship on this basis.”

Spoil sports!

  • Chris

    Hahaha that’s brilliant. You could try West Ham but you’d have to have white OTP patches made up.

  • Rob Parker

    West Ham? We’d have gone bust by next week, Chris!

  • Kev

    Haha! Great story mate. What a bunch of idiots, it is not exactly like they can pick and choose!