Welcome to Naming Rights Lane, home of Tottenham Hotspur

Posted by - December 16, 2008 - Tottenham

Spurs master corporate whoredom for the unsubtle

Nothing quite says, “Please can we have a nice rich Arab sponsor to help pay for our new stadium like our North London rivals” like sticking the words ‘Naming Rights’ on the side of your computer-generated plans. For that reason Spurs have decided to do away with any semblance of subtlety or behind-the-scenes marketing and done just that.

It is a shame Juande Ramos isn’t still in charge because if the team was still humiliating themselves on the pitch, it is doubtful the club could have found a sponsor. The stadium might have actually been called Naming Rights Lane in a last ditch face-saving exercise. As it is, I’m sure ‘Arry knows a few geezers who will sort sumfink airt.

  • Jack

    Perhaps that is the new name for the stadium?

    Or they could just call it Emirates Stadium II as it looks just like the Emirates.