Who’s that fine young Lass?

Posted by - December 22, 2008 - Portsmouth, Transfer News and Gossip

Lassana Diarra pays the price for joining club where t’other Diarra plays

Far be it for us to interfere in the internal politics of the shirt policy of a Spanish football club, but surely they could have found a better moniker for Lassana Diarra than Lass. The soon-to-be Real Madrid midfielder will leave behind Portsmouth star ‘Diarra’ at Fratton Park and transform into ‘Lass’ for his exploits at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Unfortunately for Lassie, his namesake Mahamadou is already part of the furniture at Real and to avoid confusion the new Diarra on the block had to get a new name. After the jump we’ll give you five better shirt monikers for Lass.

1. Lassana
2. L. Diarra
3. Makelele (who’ll notice the difference)
4. Not Mahamadou
5. Diarra (Mahamadou’s out for the season anyway)