American boyband Jones Brothers play football with the Queen

Posted by - January 20, 2009 - Football videos, Lookalikes, Oddballs

Probably the most embarrassing video on YouTube

If this video doesn’t make you cringe then I don’t know what will. Meet the Jonas Brothers. I don’t know what they sing, but I do know that they all wear chastity rings and that Russell Brand made a joke about taking one band member’s virginity at the MTV Europe awards. While the Brand joke apparently offended them, they think it is fine to appear in a promotional video with a (very bad) Queen Elizabeth lookalike who promises: “I want to take the three of you on.”

  • Daniel

    why do i feel compelled to buy ‘A Little Bit Longer’?

  • Ellsass

    Do you know I know you’re gay?

  • Ellsass

    Completely botched that, never mind