Cristiano Ronaldo registers CR9 as trademark

Posted by - January 14, 2009 - Kitman, Manchester United

He’s going – deal with it

Every time one of these little clues emerges we get Man Yoo fans in denial dismissing them. I’m looking forward to the comments on the day I write about C-Ron signing a contract at Real Madrid (“Just because he has signed a contract at another club doesn’t mean he’s leaving. Find some proper news.”).

Alas United fans, the evidence is starting to pile up now. Following the revelation that the Ferrari-crasher is taking Spanish lessons, Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent has trademarked the magic combination of letters and numbers CR9. Quite why C-Ron would want to do away with his CR7 brand is a mystery. It’s not like he plays for a club where the existing number seven is an institution, like Raul at Real Madrid for instance.

It is rumoured that Real have promised C-Ron the number 9 shirt which currently belongs to the probably outgoing Javier Saviola. The CR9 copyright extends to merchandising and the name of a bar or restaurant within Portugal. CR9 was registered by Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes at the National Institute of Industrial Property in Lisbon.

Perhaps the biggest winners here are street sellers with knock-off ‘Ronaldo 9’ kits lurking in warehouses from the Fat Ronaldo years.

Spotted on The Sun

  • WSN

    Hehe, who knows, as you said “the evidence is starting to pile up now”. Seems like everyboby likes a marriage with money.

  • nathan

    “Perhaps the biggest winners here are street sellers with knock-off ‘Ronaldo 9′ kits lurking in warehouses from the Fat Ronaldo years.” Spot on! its all about recycling!!! LOL

  • JM

    Just the fact that this was reported in The Sun newspaper cancels any validity of the story.
    Sorry, he’s staying in the Premier League and Chelsea and Liverpool will have to get used to 2nd and 3rd I’m afraid

  • Alex D

    You guys are so ignorant. Time and time again he tells reporters that he wants to stay with United to add to his silverware collection, yet Spanish slander reporters keep saying he’s planning a move. The Spanish media is the biggest group of liars around, and the fact that any of you believe them is just being naive.

  • r14


  • Usama Waheed

    Eat your words, Alex D and JM.