Cristiano Ronaldo won’t even be allowed in a Ford Fiesta, say insurers

Posted by - January 9, 2009 - Manchester United, Oddballs

Insurance firms ready to quote C-Ron unhappy

Cristiano Ronaldo could be off the road for a while despite walking away unhurt from his smashed up Ferrari yesterday. The AA – one of the country’s biggest car insurance brokers – claims it could not find a single insurer who would offer Ronaldo a policy yesterday.

A spokesman said: “We cannot find anybody who would touch him with a bargepole. The minimum age to get insured for that car would be 25 and then the best price we could find would be £44,000 but if the person had had an accident that would go up to around £100,000.”

Churchill car insurance revealed they would have reservations about taking C-Ron’s custom even if he downgraded to a Ford Fiesta 1.0. Asked by The Guardian if the hypothetical new motor would be acceptable, a spokesman said: “Possibly I suppose. But it would still be difficult because he is under 25 and wouldn’t have any no-claims so I really don’t think it is very likely.”

  • mchammer

    Why would someone worth as much as Ronaldo need insurance anyway ?

  • PiniTayllor

    @mchammer: Because it’s a legal requirement in the UK. We sometimes forget but footballers are not above the law….

  • mchammer

    @PiniTayllor, true I am not from the UK, but in several countries that I am knowledgeable about the mandatory insurance (for bodily harm) must be sold to everyone.
    The insurance for property damage is not mandatory.
    Is it different in the UK?

  • greg

    are you for real??

  • PiniTayllor

    @greg: I think so….


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