Even big cats are scared of Franck Ribery’s face

Posted by - January 5, 2009 - Germany, Oddballs

Bayern Munich visit Dubai zoo

“Urgh! What is that?! Put me back in my cage. Now!”

Bayern Munich have been preparing for their money-spinning friendly with AC Milan in the United Arab Emirates with a laidback trip to the zoo in Dubai. Franck Ribery took the opportunity to scare the residents with his ugly mug.

  • Juliet

    Unkind, my friend, unkind.

  • pbg

    The photographer needs a pulitzer immediately.

  • Noor deen Morris

    Damn !!!!!! That’s messed up !!!

  • I love Ribery

    the person hu wrote this is obviously an ugly virgin hu hides behind a computer to slag ppl, like Emma Hanratty the dope….fuckin fite me

  • moe

    i feel sorry about the one who talked about ribery but some day u will be more than worse , just waite and u `ll get what u deserve