Jimmy Bullard’s guide to transfers

Posted by - January 23, 2009 - Fulham, Hull City, Ranting and Raving, Transfer News and Gossip

England call-up earns Jim a big money move to… Hull

I really rate Jimmy Bullard. He is not the most gifted player on the planet, but he is talented, hard-working, honest, and always come across as a nice bloke. What I don’t really understand is his transfer moves. When he originally moved to Fulham, I (and I’m sure others) thought that it wasn’t exactly a move forward.

And sure enough it wasn’t. Fulham have arguably gone backwards in that time and only look a half-decent outfit when Bullard is in the side. Now a move to Hull. They are performing really well at the moment but as experience with the likes of Ipswich and (as he might remember) Wigan tells us, it isn’t going to be plain sailing next season.

Seems like another sideways step.

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    Nice blog Mate!

  • Simon

    I have to disagree with the comment about Fulham: they’ve definitely gone forward this season, look where they are in the league.

    Yes he’s never made a big money, big club move, but then I would say that’s probably right for him. It’s got him an England call up, hasn’t it?

    Also I’d suggest he’s much better off pulling the strings and running a team at a Fulham/Wigan/Hull than he’d be warming a bench at a Liverpool/Villa/Arsenal.

    If you look at his transfers, there’s always a good personal reason as well. For instance, he wanted to move to London to be closer to his family for a while, and has now moved to Hull because they, unlike Fulham, were prepared to offer him a long term contract – a very sensible move for a 31 year old player.

  • http://www.nevercaptainnickybutt.blogspot.com Ibracadabra

    right on Simon. I’ve always been a big Bullard fan, and though the move to Hull is clearly not ambitious in a qualifying for Europe” sense, it gives him 4 years of stability well into his thirties, and the chance to be a leader of the team.