Jose Mourinho threatens to sue journalist

Posted by - January 26, 2009 - Italy, Oddballs

Inter Milan boss wants to go to court

Jose Mourinho has again been playing hardball with the Italian press this week. The Special One has vowed to take an Italian journalist to court after he was quoted as telling his Inter Milan side that they had “only won the first Scudetto through the courts, the second because there was nobody else and the third at the last minute”.

Mourinho denied making the comments – which the journalist has now retracted – but is determined to get a victory of his own through the courts. He said: “I will not talk about this here, I’ll only discuss it in the courts. I don’t know if the justice system in Italy is fast or slow, but I would like it to be in front of a judge tomorrow, if I could.”

Allowing the Italians to sample a little more of the craziness we came to love, he rebutted all questions about leaving out Mario Balotelli with the simple response that it was a “technical choice”. And he then turned on journalists reporting on a crisis at Inter.

He said: “I can’t sleep at night for the crisis we are going through. How can I handle it when we won the Super Cup, are top of the Serie A table, in the Coppa Italia semi-final and the second round of the Champions League?”