Martin O’Neill has England’s future… so why does he want England’s past?

Posted by - January 26, 2009 - Aston Villa, Ranting and Raving, Transfer News and Gossip

Villa’s five-man attack?

Fabio Capello is among the most important of a host of people to note that Martin O’Neill has collected at Aston Villa a three-pronged attack which could serve England well for the next decade. Gabriel Agbonlahor, Ashley Young and James Milner have (when they weren’t busy accidentally scaring each other) been on fire this season. This makes me wonder why O’Neill is reportedly intent on collecting England’s strikeforce circa 2001.

Emile Heskey has completed his move to Villa Park for £3.5m. The 31-year-old has been back in tip-top form for the last 18 months or so, which makes me see why O’Neill would want him. He adds a bit of bulk which you are never going to get from Young, Agbonlahor or Milner. But by that reckoning it is curtains for John Carew (a loan move to Eastleigh might be in order).

Word on the street is that O’Neill now wants to add Michael Owen to his collection. Owen is undoubtedly still a great player and a fantastic finisher but he now lacks the pace of Villa’s three young guns. And are three players now in or around the England squad going to be eager to give up their first-team slot for a player who is distinctly out of Capello’s plans?

I reckon Martin’s getting a bit greedy.

  • andy5759

    Oh, come off it, MoN greedy? Nah, he just wants the EPL title, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup this season. Next season he might get a wee bit greedy wanting the CL and Champions of the known universe, but I back him to get all of those.

  • Thom James

    Carew is twice the player Heskey is: has all Heskey’s attributes, and he actually scores goals. Which is kind of the point if you’re a striker…

  • lenny

    With Newcastle nearer the drop zone and relegation a very real possibility. There is an increasing likelihood that Owen will move? To Villa? He will be a great mentor for gabby and delfonso.