Newcastle attempt to guarantee relegation with move for NIGEL QUASHIE

Posted by - January 13, 2009 - Newcastle United, Transfer News and Gossip, West Ham

Magpies want Mr Relegation

QPR, Nottingham Forest, Southampton and West Brom all know the dangers of signing Nigel Quashie. The hapless midfielder has been relegated from the Premier League with all four clubs, but apparently nobody has alerted Newcastle to this.

The Magpies are said to be mulling over a £500,000 move for the West Ham midfielder (that’s West Ham the club Newcastle drew at home with last Saturday. You know, the club that Quashie is out on loan at Birmingham City from because he doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of getting in the team).

My question is a simple but important one: why? Why does every Premier League club that gets itself into a spot of bother think that Nigel Quashie is the answer? He has been relegated FOUR times. And he’s not even a decent footballer. If Newcastle want a clumsy tenacious midfielder they would be better off registering 42-year-old executive director Dennis Wise than signing Quashie.

  • Dino

    While Quashie was on the QPR club that got relegated in 95-96 it is where he began his career so he wasn’t brought in or signed by them. The rest stands though.