Rafa Benitez can’t control the craziness

Posted by - January 29, 2009 - Liverpool, Oddballs

It works on so many levels

It looks like Rotating Rafa is determined to reinvent himself as Ranting Rafa after yet another outburst. This time facts were off the agenda and the Liverpool boss wanted to talk about craziness. The Spaniard was left with crazy on the brain after Mido’s late penalty gave Wigan a draw last night.

Benitez said: “We didn’t kill the game and in the second half it was a crazy game. And when it is a crazy game, you cannot control things. Why was it crazy? Because it was crazy.”

Answers on a postcard or in the comments section please.

  • hollis

    Stress cracks developing already. This should mean that by May the happy Hammers will be in champions league contention!