Ricardo Fuller talks about his slap on Andy Griffin

Posted by - January 2, 2009 - Football videos, Stoke City

City slapper gets some stuff off his chest

Today’s papers are full of stories that Stoke players Andy Griffin and Ricardo Fuller have kissed and made up after their very public spat against West Ham. In an interview with Sky Sports Fuller seemed a little more circumspect. He claimed that Griffin had been “very rude and disrepectful” towards him. He added: “What he said was bad, but what I did was worse.”

The real heart-rending moment comes as Fuller discusses his passion for Stoke and football. [Cue violins] he said: “I give my all for Stoke all the time. maybe I give too much, and maybe that’s why I’m in this position now because I always try to do so much for football and for Stoke City.”

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